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Advanced Manufacturing Fellowship for Future Women Leaders

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Emily Stover DeRocco was a connector. She believed in “linking and leveraging” people and ​resources for the greater good. Whether in her role as Assistant Secretary at the U.S. ​Department of Labor, the President of the Manufacturing Institute, or in any of her many ​leadership roles on corporate and academic boards, Emily believed in the power of work and ​the right for every individual to have the opportunity to “work hard at work worth doing.”

The DeRocco Fellowship program has been developed to honor the impact of Emily’s career ​in education and workforce development and to provide a pathway to leadership for young ​women in advanced manufacturing, the industry sector that was closest to Emily’s heart ​and the focus of the last 10 years of her career.

Emily Stover DeRocco left this world unexpectedly in 2021. The volunteer team behind the ​DeRocco Fellows are colleagues and friends who are committed to seeing Emily’s legacy ​and impact continue.

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DeRocco Fellows

The DeRocco Fellowship will offer women enrolled in an undergraduate program – at a university or a community college- the opportunity to experience the potential of an advanced manufacturing career firsthand.

The first cohort will be held in summer 2025.

DeRocco Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in four program components:

Summer Internship

Work as a paid summer intern at a leading advanced manufacturing company.

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Be mentored by an advanced manufacturing executive and engage with a peer mentor.


Professional Development

Attend a mid-summer in-person professional development workshop and participate in regular development programming virtually.

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Participate in a community of and build a career network with like-minded individuals and industry leaders.

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Total Workforce


of Women



Source: 2021 Deloitte and Manufacturing Institute DEI Study

Manufacturing, a rapidly expanding sector in the U.S. economy, offers abundant opportunities with evolving technologies. Despite women making up half of the workforce, they comprise less than one-third of the manufacturing workforce, presenting untapped potential for both talented women and manufacturers.

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Interested in being involved? You can:

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Be a DeRocco Fellow employer and hire a Fellow for a summer work experience.


Become a DeRocco Fellow mentor.

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Share information about the DeRocco Fellowship with your students, employers, or others in your networks.


Donate. The DeRocco ​Fellowship is a 501(c)(3), and ​all donations are used ​directly in support of the ​Fellowship program.

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Upcoming Events

Join an upcoming webinar to discover how you can engage with DeRocco Fellows.

Summer 2024

Tuesday, July 30

11 a.m. Eastern


Join DeRocco Fellows: How to Enhance your Intern’s ​Work Experience Webinar for Employers

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Monday, August 5

2 p.m. Eastern


Join DeRocco Fellows: How to Enhance your Intern’s ​Work Experience Webinar for Employers

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Application Process

The DeRocco Fellowship is a competitive opportunity and interested interns will need to complete a short application to be considered. Employer partners can recommend interns they feel would benefit from the program to apply.

Interns should self-confirm that they meet the following eligibility before applying:

  • Confirmed placement in an internship at a partner company in summer 2025
  • Enrolled in a post-secondary program
  • At least one full semester completed
  • Are interested in pursuing a leadership career in manufacturing.

The application for summer 2025 fellowships will be available in late fall 2024.

Interns self-confirm eligibility

DeRocco Fellows selects interns

Fellowships begin!

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Employer recommends interns apply

Interns submit application

Fellows notified of selection

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Employer Commitment

DeRocco Fellows offers an opportunity for manufacturers to enhance their summer internship experience and establish a pathway for women undergraduates to pursue careers in manufacturing as they work with them during the summer of 2025.

There is no additional cost, beyond paying the intern’s salary, to the employer of a DeRocco Fellow.

Employers are asked to allow Fellows to participate in virtual professional development programming and mentorship throughout the summer. We estimate these experiences will require 3 to 5 hours per month of the intern’s time. In addition, a mid-summer in-person workshop is planned for the Fellows at a location to be determined. Two to three days, inclusive of travel, is the anticipated time commitment for the workshop.

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Derocco fellows team

The DeRocco Fellows is a 501c3 non-profit founded by five of Emily Stover ​DeRocco’s family members, colleagues, and friends. This volunteer team came ​together to create the DeRocco Fellows to honor Emily’s commitment to ​supporting women and enhancing U.S. manufacturing.

Eileen Pickett is the Principal and Founder of epconsulting, a community and economic development firm that helps communities create environments for prosperity by focusing on talent development and meaningful career pathways. Previously, she served as Acting CEO and Executive Vice President of Community & Economic Development at Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI) and as Vice President of Operations and CFO for the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI). Eileen began her career at General Electric in the Consumer Products Division, where she held various management positions.

Lauren Beth Derocco Gopi

Lauren Beth DeRocco Gopi, daughter of Emily, is a member of the Board of Directors. She has served in many capacities over the years, including Secretary of the Carlisle Regional Performing Arts Center, Chief of Operations & Source Management for the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Intelligence & Analysis Field Operations Division, and veteran of the U.S. Army. Her favorite role is protecting the legacy of the DeRocco women by raising her daughter Lena with husband Surag in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

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Michael Gilroy

Michael Gilroy is the Senior Workforce Fellow at ​the Center for Regional Economic ​Competitiveness (CREC). He has 18 years of ​professional experience in federal and local ​policymaking, workforce development program ​design and program execution at local, regional, ​state federal levels. Prior to joining CREC, Michael ​worked with Manufacturing Technology ​(ManTech) Program of the Office of the Under ​Secretary of Defense for Research and ​Engineering, the U.S. Department of Defense, ​and the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL). A U.S. ​Army combat veteran, Michael holds master’s ​degrees in Public Administration from the ​University of Oklahoma, and in Strategy from the ​United States Naval War College.

Denise Kennedy

Denise is President & CEO of Anthology ​Communications. With 25 years of strategic ​communications experience, Denise ​understands what it takes to connect with your ​audience and stakeholders. Denise has worked ​with organizations across various issues, ​including veterans, accessibility, healthcare, ​mental health, workforce development, ​economic development, education, software ​development and B2B technology. Denise ​graduated from Indiana University of ​Pennsylvania, is a certified facilitator and ​completed SBA’s Emerging Leaders Academy in ​2020

Jacqui Mieksztyn

Jacqui is a workforce and talent strategist ​specializing in bridging the private and ​public sectors to address industry’s ​workforce challenges. Prior to launching ​her own consulting practice, Jacqui held ​leadership positions with the Michigan ​Economic Development Corporation and ​Thomas P. Miller & Associates. She holds a ​Master of Arts in Organizational ​Communication from Western Michigan ​University and a Bachelor of Arts in ​Communication from Michigan State ​University.

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The DeRocco Fellowship is a 501(c)(3) organization, making all donations ​tax-deductible.

Your generous contributions go directly toward supporting our ​Fellowship program. These funds enable us to offer comprehensive ​fellowship programming at no cost to the young women who participate ​or their employers. Your support ensures that we can continue to ​empower and develop the next generation of women leaders in ​manufacturing.

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To learn more about being ​involved, contact: